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100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls XL.


No synthetic fibres or chemicals used in these clever little, (sorry large) balls !

Suitable for babies and sensitive skin because of how natural they are.

Dryer sheets often contain chemicals which can be an irritant and even harmful. They may smell nice but they can cause unwanted health problems.

These natural wool balls are a safe, healthy alternative.


These balls are a natural cost effective and sustainable alternative to fabric conditioners, dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls.


Ingenious eco friendly addition to your laundry routine, which can  :-

  • Reduce drying time therefore saving electricity and money.
  • Cut down on wrinkles (in your clothes) !
  • Reduce static.
  • Soften laundry and add bounce ( who doesnt love big fluffy towels)
  • Reduce static.
  • Cut down on pet hair and lint.
  • Estimate of over a 1000  washes from one pack. Put simply these will last for well over two years.


When you weigh up how much you would spend in fabric conditioner or dryer sheets, against one pack of eco friendly wool balls, over a three year period, there is no contest. Good for your health, pocket and low impact on the environment.


How do you use them ?

Sinply place the wool balls in the dryer with your laundry and off you go. I recommend at least four of the balls for a medium to large load.


How do they work ?

  • The balls rotate between the laundry and soak up the excess water, naturally softening the clothes.
  • The seperation of the layers of clothes allows the warm air to dry your clothes quicker.
  • The action of the balls rotating  improves the air flow which shortens the drying time.


Why not add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to your balls and enjoy the subtle fragrance of your soft, bouncy laundry. Use essential oils with caution. Once your drying has finished this is the best time to add the oils. Pop the essential oils (  a couple of drops to the balls) and run the dryer on the cool setting. 


Disposable products such as dryer sheets and plastic balls are a major contributor to landfill and ocean waste. Once Our balls come to the end of their life, because they are a natural product, they can be composted at home or at suitable facilities.


Pack of six balls comes in a cotton, reusable drawstring bag for easy storage.





100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls XL - White

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