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Reusable and sustainable products

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"My mission is to help you make the small swaps from single use throwaway and plastic products to a reusable and sustainable option, Bamboo."   

 Reusable and sustainable


You can protect your health, your purse and help

the environment by making easy, basic swaps.

Every little helps and its never too late to start.

Bamboo has many amazing benefits including :- 

  • Highly sustainable,

  • Does not need a lot of water to grow,

  • Multipurpose,

  • Antibacterial,

  • Does not need pesticides or fertiliser to grow,

  • Hypoallergenic,

  • Biodegradable,

  • luxuriously soft as a textile,

  • Thermo regulating

  • Naturally wicking ( takes away moisture from the skin)

  • Eco Friendly

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